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We think like creatives
and execute like engineers.
Imagine showing with artful precision what you're most proud of
through videography and photography.

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  • tell a story
  • promote what you make
  • reintroduce yourself


  • share a launch or process
  • inform and educate
  • celebrate an event


  • PROMOte a service
  • sell a product
  • tour a location
  • aerial drone coverage

Epic pic of the building. 


Love it. You're so talented. What a joy to work with you again."

hi, I'm Lauren

(Yes, I had a childhood dream that one day when I was 18, my mom would finally let me change my name to Cheetah.)

I found a way to live that dream and started my production company as a way to reintroduce myself to the world.
I love that I get to connect with the world as a wife, new mom, engineer, and artist.

After years in the non-profit world creating systems for volunteers to shine at their brightest, I found my stride in commitment to high production standards and unlocking the best in people.

When I'm not behind a screen or lens, you can usually find me at the Carolina Beach shore, tamping the perfect espresso shot, or visiting the zoo as much as possible with my baby boy.

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