meet lauren

With an education in audio engineering and growing up with an artist mother, I crave chances to design artful solutions.

I follow my intuition for beauty and uplift symmetry to balance the way I see the world.

Capturing your branding is a vulnerable place, so let me be vulnerable with you. I built my career by managing techs and artists in the non-profit world. I started Hello Cheetah as a brave side hustle to fill in the gaps of what was missing. This company became my full-time future not long after that.

Success for us at hcc is artfully executing your specific goal through video and photo.

Because I’ve leaned into who I am, past and present, I can help listen to your company’s goals and methods, draw out the human connection in it, and showcase it to the world with elegance. Whether we work directly with the owner of the company or a marketing team, there is a heartbeat to be discovered and a goal to be reached. 

I wanted to grow and create something.

let me give you a little back story


Received my Audio Engineering education


 Began work in a non-profit as director of arts: responsible for audio, visual, and lighting and team training.


Started Hello Cheetah Productions


New branch: Monclay, providing creative visuals and audio for corporate and commercial work.

brands we have worked with

Epic pic of the building. 


Love it. You're so talented. What a joy to work with you again."