working together

to insure that your marketing team, admin, or small business owner has a consistent digital  library of high quality business content to pull from for youtube, linkedin, twitter, instagram, tiktok, pinterest, website, etc.


- Alignment with marketing team
 - Concept development
- Creative direction
- Budget
- Production management
- Logistics + timelines
- Location scouting

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- Production director on site
- Photography
- Cinematography
- Art direction
- Aerial + drone cinematography or photography
- Prop Staging

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- Editing - stills and motion
- Sound design
- Color grading
- Motion graphics + titles
- Music selection + licensing
- Delivery in applicable formats: reels, social media formats, web, broadcast
- Archive back-up + storage for 10 years
- Review and Revision

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our process

our method

We actively listen during our collaboration times and strive for you or your marketing team to have less time wasted.

Whether the pace of the end product is energetic and quick, refined and informative, or delicate and filled with emotion, we provide the same quality style of imagery and audio.

Principles of our clients:

Our clients prepare, believe, and create for the future of their brand.

our clients are driven

The soul of your company is understanding the needs of your customers and providing the solution.

our clients are genuine 

our values:

We won’t push you to do more than you need. We will always be here if you need more content as we stay relevant to your mission and goals.

We won't oversell

Production and the end product are a chance to take pride in the quality of your hard work. We won't put something into the world that doesn't make it more beautiful.

we always strive for beauty

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Each project is given an option between a package, customized quote, or to book us on retainer.

The easiest way to have consistency is become a retainer client with us. Sign one contract and be prioritized in our schedule ready to come and capture the momentum for you.


our pricing options



let's work together 

  • tell a story
  • promote what you make
  • reintroduce yourself


  • share a launch or process
  • inform and educate
  • celebrate an event


  • PROMOte a service
  • sell a product
  • tour a location
  • aerial drone coverage

Epic pic of the building. 


Love it. You're so talented. What a joy to work with you again."

hi, I'm Lauren

(Yes, I had a childhood dream that one day when I was 18, my mom would finally let me change my name to Cheetah.)

I found a way to live that dream and started my production company.
I love that I get to connect with the world as a wife, mom, engineer, and artist.

After years in the non-profit world creating systems for volunteers to shine at their brightest, I found my stride in commitment to high production standards and unlocking the best in people.

When I'm not behind a screen or lens, you can usually find me at the Carolina Beach shore, tamping the perfect espresso shot, or visiting the zoo as much as possible with son.

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